Protecting your horse's joint health

The life of a joint depends on a delicate balance. Over time, the natural ageing process, intense athletic performance, and injuries upset this balance, which in turn can cause joint problems and reduce your horse's mobility. To address the increased need for joint support in sport horses and older horses, Ekyflex Arthro was specially developed to deliver unique nutritional care.

100% Quality

A two-pronged approach

• Provide the nutrients essential for healthy cartilage to optimise your horse's joint health over the medium and long term.
• Promote optimal joint performance for fluid strides.

(1) 2017 internal competitive study comparing five products

The most concentrated and economical formula on the market  (1)

100% Satisfaction

A proven-effective market leader

• Improved stride and attitude after just three days (2)

• Easy to feed for 96% of horses (2)

•  69% of testers were satisfied with Ekyflex Arthro more quickly than with similar products (2)

(2) Satisfaction survey conducted in 2016 on 22 horses

100% Efficacité

100% Safety

Audevard's Anti-Doping Programme Guarantee

The formula for the batch does not contain any substances likely to lead to a positive result in a test.

The ADP test reports are always available on the first page of Audevard's website.